Course: 071-11B10 (R)

Course Scope: Provides a logical progression of individual skills and tasks selected to develop disciplined and confident Soldiers that are proficient in Common Skill Level One tasks and critical 11B10 Infantry Tasks. Aligns the development of competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities, attributes, and behaviors) in volunteers and enables their transformation into Army military professionals that are prepared (physically and mentally) to meet the rigors of the warrior tasks and battle drills. Graduates will be trained and educated in the skills of their military occupational specialty, enabling them to contribute as an effective team member at their first unit of assignment. Soldiers will also demonstrate proficiency in engaging targets with Individual and Crew-Served Weapons. 11B10 OSUT incorporates the Army Learning Model (ALM) which supports adaptive soldier training and education through practical exercises, and enable Soldiers to demonstrate mastery of individual tasks. Drill Sergeants/Instructors will integrate learner centricity into learning content that enable learners to understand what they are learning and why it is important.

COURSE OUTCOME: The Infantryman will possess the ability to demonstrate proficiency and confidence to shoot, move, communicate, survive, and adapt in situations required to become a productive member in their first unit of assignment.