Office of the Inspector General


“Serve as an extension of the eyes, ears, voice, and conscience of the Adjutant General, providing a continuous assessment of matters relating to the readiness, state of economy, efficiency, morale, esprit de corps, and discipline of Virginia National Guard units and organizations. Identify and recommend solutions to performance inhibitors and resolve requests for assistance from service members, family members, and civilians of the Virginia National Guard.”

Role of the IG

The role of the Inspector General, among other things is to be a fair and impartial fact finder. We do not establish policy and have no directive authority outside IG channels, nor do we make specific recommendations. Rather, IG’s base their fact-finding activities upon standards such as laws, DOD Directives, Army Regulations and policies.

To contact the Office of the Inspector General, call 434-292-VAIG (8244) or email