Virginia National Guard Joint Force Headquarters Chaplain Support
Religious Support Mission:
Our Mission is to provide the highest levels of religious support throughout the full-spectrum of
military operations, both CONUS and OCONUS, which strengthens the readiness and resilience of soldiers and families in our Virginia Army National Guard.
Responsibilities of the JFHQ Chaplains Office:
The JFHQ Chaplain Office assists Soldiers and Families with life’s stresses and life issues. The Chaplain office acts as the Adjutant General's religious programs policy subject matter expert as it pertains to ensuring the free exercise of religion, religious accommodation, and religious support requests from Virginia National Guard personnel and units.

Contact a Chaplain:
The Chaplain and Chaplain Assistant has full confidentiality during formal or informal counseling meetings. To contact the JFHQ State Chaplain Office or Unit Level Religious Support Teams, please call CH (MAJ) Brett Johnson at 434-480-2083

Services Offered: 

Strong Bonds Program 
Strong Bonds is a unit-based, chaplain-led program which assists commanders in building individual resiliency by strengthening the Army Family. The core mission of the Strong Bonds program is to increase individual Soldier and Family member readiness through relationship education and skills training.

Click HERE for more information on the VIrginia National Guard Strong Bonds Program.

Counseling Services

  • Individual 
  • Couples 
  • Family 
  • Crisis Intervention 
  • Pre-Marital & Marriage 
  • Bereavement & Grief 
  • Deployment Support 
Spiritual Fitness Training 

Hosted by the Full-Time Support State Chaplain from 1130-1200 every Wednesday via CVR/TEAMS 

Chaplain News

Capt. (Va.) Deb O'Neil-Lewis, a chaplain in the Virginia Defense Force, conducts a Sunday service August 8, 2021, at Bulla Chapel at Fort Pickett, Virginia. VDF chaplains volunteered their time through the summer to provide religious support for units training at Fort Pickett. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Holden Russell)
VDF chaplains provide support at Fort Pickett chapel
Sept. 28, 2021
Virginia Defense Force chaplains volunteered their time to conduct Sunday services at the Maneuver Training Center Fort Pickett Bulla Chapel throughout the Summer of 2021 in order to provide religious support to Soldiers conducting training on the installation.

Army Chaplain Corps crest
Online training provides valuable collaborative experience for VNG chaplains
July 14, 2021
Religious support personnel from all components of the Virginia National Guard participated in a virtual training event June 5, 2021, designed to not only provide required training but also to increase communication and improve collaboration between the services. “It was a really good mix of Army, Air and Virginia Defense Force, as well as active duty,” said Capt. Will Cochrane, chaplain for the Virginia Beach-based 329th Regional Support Group. “There was a great joint aspect with different elements represented. It was unique to be with them and collaborate. I honestly don’t remember a time when we’ve done that before. Everyone had a piece of the training.”

U.S. Army 1st Lt. David Porter, a chaplain with the Virginia Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 116th Infantry Regiment, 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team ministers to U.S. military members assigned Jan. 17, 2021, in Washington, D.C. At least 25,000 National Guard men and women have been authorized to conduct security, communication and logistical missions in support of federal and district authorities leading up and through the 59th Presidential Inauguration.
Virginia Guard chaplains, NCOs provided valuable support to D.C. mission
March 10, 2021
RICHMOND, Virginia – When Virginia National Guard Soldiers and Airmen headed to Washington, D.C., in January, chaplains and religious affairs specialists were right alongside them to provide support and assistance.

Capt. (Va.) Deb O'Neil-Lewis, a chaplain with the Virginia Defense Force, leads a field service during the Summer 2020 annual training season at Fort Pickett, Virginia.
VaARNG, VDF chaplains celebrate ongoing partnership
Nov. 6, 2020
RICHMOND, Va. — Chaplains from the Virginia Army National Guard and Virginia Defense Force recognized the retirement of Lt. Col. (Va.) David C. Lagerveld, the VDF’s senior chaplain, and the ongoing partnership with VDF chaplains providing support at Fort Pickett during a lunch held in October in the Richmond area.

Couples who attended a Virginia National Guard-hosted Strong Bonds weekend retreat pose together Sept. 12, 2020, in Williamsburg, Virginia.
VNG couples laugh their way to stronger marriage
Oct. 5, 2020
WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — Approximately eight Virginia National Guard couples attended a Strong Bonds weekend retreat Sept. 11-13, 2020, at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia. The event focused on using humor to strengthen their marriages and improve communication skills. “As you can see, this is not an Army PowerPoint presentation,” said Capt. Will Cochrane, a chaplain assigned to the Virginia National Guard’s Joint Force Headquarters. “This is an entertaining, funny presentation and you can hear folks laughing and enjoying themselves, interacting and connecting and having a good time.”

Interested in becoming a Virginia Army National Guard Chaplain?

Established by the Second Continental Congress in 1775, the Army Chaplaincy predates the Declaration of Independence and is both the largest and oldest military chaplaincy in the world. More than 25,000 chaplains have served since then in 36 wars and 242 major combat engagements. Six were awarded the nation's highest military award for valor (The Medal of Honor). Many former Army Chaplains have served in prominent positions of government, education and religion. Today, as in the past, chaplains serve in a great variety of positions and places throughout the world. While their methods of ministry may change with the transformation of the battlefield, their ministry and message are timeless and immeasurable.

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JFHQ State Chaplain
  • CH (COL) Benjamin Sprouse 
​JFHQ Full-Time Support Chaplain
  • CH (MAJ) Brett Johnson 
JFHQ Senior Religious Affairs NCO
  • SGM Bum Kim

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