Virginia National Guard History Program
To invigorate and fortify the people of America, Virginia, and the American military by bringing to life the Virginia National Guard’s 400+ years of protecting and defending the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States of America both at home and abroad.
We will exceptionally champion diversity, equity, and inclusion by unwaveringly listening to all communities and ethically telling the stories of People of Color, Indigenous Peoples, all genders, identities, beliefs, and cultures, military personnel, and civilians.
In addition to preparing for the new Museum of the Virginia National Guard to be located in Richmond, Virginia, we serve the Commonwealth of Virginia by:
  • Curating historic and contemporary exhibitions for Virginia National Guard buildings and Readiness Centers
  • Collecting and preserving the Virginia National Guard Historical Collection, which includes more than 8,000 artifacts, photographs, documents, maps, videos, and oral history interviews
  • Publishing and presenting scholarly research on how the Virginia National Guard has always played a vital role in shaping, protecting, and defending the United States of America

History Program Staff

Museum Curator 

  • Sarah A. (Campbell) Burgos M.A.; Doctoral Candidate

Command Historian

  • Alexander Barnes, CW4 retired 

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