Planning for
Potential Lapse in Funding



Annual funding for much of the Federal Government expires on Saturday, September 30. Effective and prudent leadership requires the proper preparation for all contingencies, including the possibility that a lapse in appropriations could occur.

At my direction, the staff and command teams have updated our contingency plans should we need to execute an orderly shutdown, as outlined in the guidance received from the Department of Defense and the National Guard Bureau. Until the Virginia National Guard receives such guidance, we will continue to perform operations as normal.

If Congress fails to pass a Continuing Resolution Act or the necessary appropriations bills by midnight Saturday, all Virginia National Guard employees, technicians, Active Guard/Reserve members, and Department of Military Affairs employees will report for duty as scheduled. Personnel should anticipate continuing planned activities until directed otherwise. This includes scheduled inactive duty training, military education and schools, annual training periods, and other associated National Guard activities.

As the combat reserve of the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, the Virginia National Guard maintains an unwavering commitment to build and sustain readiness at the individual and unit levels. This commitment is an absolute necessity for the preservation of our National Security. Training our personnel, maintaining our equipment, and planning for current and future operations are key to achieving our readiness goals.

Our Soldiers and Airmen, both at home and abroad, will continue to safeguard our national defense, support civil authorities, and serve the great Commonwealth of Virginia and our Nation.

I cannot underscore how proud I am of the professionalism and integrity each of you show in the face of the prevailing uncertainty. Your service is not only valued, but profoundly appreciated, and I extend my gratitude to your families for their support and understanding. Rest assured; we will overcome these challenges together.

Guard what you love!

James W. Ring
Major General, VAARNG
Adjutant General