3rd Battalion, 183rd Regiment  

Welcome to the website for the 3rd Battalion (Modular), 18rd Regiment. Please take a moment to read about the mission and operations of this training battalion. This website will allow current and prospective students to learn what will be expected of them for each course offered. Also, students can know what to expect from the 3rd Battalion Staff. 

The 3rd Battalion will develop the current and future leaders in those skills and traits necessary to lead, train, and mentor Soldiers for the modern and contemporary operating environments. The 3rd Battalion will complete this by providing quality relevant training for Soldiers from the Army National Guard, the United States Army Reserve, and the Active Component to fulfill the Army Program for Individual Training (ARPRINT) mission.  

Our battalion is located on the Fort Barfoot Maneuver Training Center, approximately 63 miles southwest of Richmond International Airport (RIC). We conduct Maneuver Tactics Foundation and Common Faculty Development Instructor functional Courses, the Officer and Warrant Officer Candidate Schools and facilitate the Virginia Army National Guard’s Marksmanship Program.

All courses conducted here are administered following One Army School System (OASS) standards. Therefore, our courses are equivalent to those administered by our proponents. We use the most current training doctrine, materials, and equipment compatible with the training requirements and your unit of assignment. During your tenure as a student, you will find world-class, experienced, and certified Instructors facilitating courseware within the Army learning concepts and holding you to strict Army standards.

While enrolled at any course offered here, all Students are expected to remain at the 183rd Regiment, Regional Training Institute campus during the entire period covered by their training orders. To help you succeed in our programs, we offer onsite administrative, logistical and personnel services support.
Lastly, a successful Student will make use of this support, but also make certain to:
  • Meet all enrollment criteria
  • Meet all graduation requirements
  • Attend training and class on the times and dates directed
  • Display an attentive and cooperative attitude
  • Bring all uniform and equipment items as directed
  • Demonstrate the eagerness and ability to learn the required tasks and skills to Army standards 
In summary, the 3rd Battalion (Modular), 183rd Regiment is here to train Soldiers. We recognize how important these schools are to you, your career progression, and your unit’s readiness. Our staff will do its utmost to provide every opportunity for you to succeed as a student at our school.