183rd Regiment, Regional Training Institute
Instructor Opportunities
Open to all Soldiers in grades E-5 through E-7 who are members of the Virginia Army National Guard. Interested applicants must submit the following documents to ng.va.vaarng.mbx.183rd-rti-s1@mail.mil
  1. Completed NGB Form 34-1 (signed and dated).
  2. Copies of last Five consecutive NCOERs and ALL DA1059s.
  3. Current CERTIFIED or VERIFIED copy of Selection Board Enlisted Record Brief (ERB).
  4. Most recent Medical Protection System Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) Record accessible through AKO. The IMR must be dated within the last 12 months to be valid.
  5. Documentation to support all periods of duty/service creditable for retirement. Any of the following may be used DD Form 214, DA Form 1506 or NGB Forms 23/23B)
  6. Last 3 years of DTMS APFT history or DA FORM 705 cards and DTMS HT/WT history printout or HT/WT Statement. (Include all DA Forms 3349, if applicable)
  7. Any additional information the applicant may wish to submit for consideration (i.e., Letters of Recommendation, awards, etc.)
  8. Completed HRR Form 600 (Recruiting and Training Cadre Suitability Questionnaire).  
  9. Completed DD 369 (Police Record Check)
 SECURITY CLEARANCE: Position requires a “SECRET” security clearance. Must be able to obtain as a minimum, an “interim” clearance prior to appointment to the position. Soldiers with a prior revoked or denied clearance are not eligible for either an interim or a waiver and should not apply. If tentatively selected for a position and soldier cannot be granted an interim clearance prior to appointment to the position, the offer for the position maybe revoked, Non USA citizens are not eligible for a security clearance per DOD 5200.2R.