Lodging at SMR
Welcome to State Military Reservation. It is our pleasure to welcome you as our guest and wish you a pleasant stay. We value your patronage and hope that your visit will be a comfortable and enjoyable one. We strive to provide our guests with the highest degree of professional and personalized service, in a clean and secure beautiful ocean setting.
We welcome all suggestions in an effort to continue improving the facilities for a more pleasurable stay. We invite you to complete a short questionnaire provided to you upon check in or located in the billeting office.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of the billeting staff listed below should you need assistance.
SMR RESERVATIONS for Cottage and Trailers
Peak SeasonJune 11, 2022 through September 3, 2022
There is no mandatory rental length of stay required for Cottage and Trailers.
Memorial and Labor Day weekends fall under the Peak Season request and cancellations policies
Winter DiscountOnly applies to Cottages November 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022
Nightly rentals are accepted
**Bed Linen for Cottages/Trailers can be provided for a fee of $4.00 per bed for your stay***
Peak Requests:  
Due to the limited number of units and to ensure everyone has a fair chance to get the unit of their choice on the date of their choice, a Lottery System has been put in place for the start of peak season and will be conducted each year on 15 March. (NOTE: if 15 March falls on a weekend the lottery will be conducted on the first Monday following the weekend).  After 15 March, the remaining units are booked on a first come first serve basis - call in and e-mail requests will be taken at that time.
No more than one (1) cottage can be rented by one ID card holder during the peak season with a maximum one (1) week limit. Applications must be filled out completely and signed. Each application must have drivers license information filled out. By signing the application you are stating that you have read and agree to all terms and conditions of the rental program.
Lottery System Applications: PLEASE DO NOT MAIL APPLICATIONS FOR THE LOTTERY. Applications for the lottery system will be accepted between 1 Feb-14 March each year and should be emailed or dropped off at the Billeting Office in time to ensure it is received by 14 March (NOTE: Mail is not processed on Mondays or Weekends on SMR so please plan accordingly).  Lost, late, misdirected, or postage due applications are not the responsibility of SMR Billeting Office and will not delay the 15 March lottery.
It is suggested that each lottery application include three (3) rental units and three (3) date choices.  If all the units you have requested have already been filled when your number comes up, your application will be put aside, in the order it was drawn.  After the lottery process is complete, someone from SMR Lodging office will attempt to contact you to book you in whatever units are available. Once booked, a confirmation letter will be sent to the email address provided on the application.
15 March Peak Season Priority:
  1. VaARNG and VaANG Active members (1st pull for the lottery)
  2. VaARNG and VaANG Retired members (2nd pull for the lottery)
  3. Department of Military Affairs (DMA) Employees and other State Agencies i.e. VASP, DOC, etc. (3rd pull for the lottery)
  4. All other branches of service – Active, Reserve, DOD, and or Retired(4th pull for the lottery)   
Payments: In order to book a unit, you must supply the SMR Billeting Office a valid credit card number and expiration date with your application or reservation. If keys are going to the gate, credits cards will be charged before they are taken to the gate, if the card is declined keys CANNOT go to the gate, please make sure all credit card information is accurate. Payments are due upon arrival. Payments may be made with money order, cash, or credit card. We except Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express, sorry no checks.
Cancellations: Cancellations must be made at least 1 week prior to arrival of Cottage/Trailer rentals by contacting the SMR Billeting Office. No refunds will be given for units not meeting renter’s satisfaction or for inclement weather.
If a cancellation is not received, the renter will be charged for one days rent. Exceptions: cancellations due to sudden illness or injury, such as auto accidents, unscheduled surgeries and/or death in the family, do not fall under the 1 week requirement rule, although proof must be provided. Mandatory evacuations of the installation due to hurricanes, as determined by the Post Commander, also do not fall under the 1 week requirement rule. 
Off peak cancellations must be made 1 week in advance of reservation or the customer will be charged for 1 days rent, ORDERS DO NOT APPLY to cottages/trailers. Cancellation for single soldier rooms or apartments must be made 24 hours prior to arrive date if on orders or 5 days if unofficial.
Pet Policy: No pets of any kind are permitted on SMR, or its surrounding training sites. Working and service dogs, (not emotional support dog) are permitted on the Post, working dogs must be crated in the buildings and service dogs are not permitted on any of the furniture. The Billeting Office MUST be advised if a service dog is being brought onto the Post so that Security is aware. There is a $50 fee for all service dogs or work dogs that have been approved through the SMR Billeting Office. If a pet is found or reported, the individual will be charged a $100 pet cleaning fee and will be required to checkout of the unit without a refund.

Check-In / Check-Out
Check-in time begins at 1300 / Check-out time is 1000
Check-In: You will check-in through the Billeting Office, building 13, located next to the Post Headquarters. A valid military ID is required at the time of check-in.  The front desk clerk will request your ID card. After you have been checked into the Hotel System, you will be given a computer-generated registration form. Please review the information provided on the form, ensuring it is correct.  Once you sign the form acknowledging everything is correct and that you have read and understand the policies and regulation of the Post, you will be given a room key.
Quiet hours are observed starting at 2200 nightly. All buildings are non smoking facilities. No open flames in or within 50 feet of each unit, this includes all grills. If grills are found on decks, porches or too close to the buildings a fee will be charged to remove the grill and clean up whatever grease stains or burn marks.
Please make sure after you have checked into your unit that you inspect it and let the SMR Billeting Office know if there are any problems right away.
Check-Out: Check-out time is prior to 1000 hours on the date of departure. Please have all your belongings and family members packed and completely vacate of the unit before checking out through the Billeting Office. Guest remaining after 1000 hours will be charged a late stay fee equal to the daily rate of your rental. A SMR staff member will inspect the unit to ensure that the cleaning policies have been followed and there is no damage to the unit.
Cleaning Policy for Cottages/Trailers/Apartments: Units must be cleaned prior to check out. General cleaning supplies are placed in each unit, if the supplies are not present, let the billeting office know prior to check-out so that we can restock the unit. Failure to clean the unit will result in a $100 cleaning fee for all units except cottage 88 and 260C that has a $200 cleaning fee and cottage 94 has a $250 cleaning fee. If cottages are found extremely dirty there will be an excess cleaning fee.
Cleaning consists of:
  • Sweeping, mopping, and/or vacuuming all floors and porches, remove all shells and sand
  • All dishes must be washed, dried and put away.
  • Clean all sinks, counters, tubs, mirrors, toilets, microwave, stove, and refrigerator
  • Remove and dispose of all food from the refrigerator and/or cabinets.
  • Mattress pad and pillows should be left on the bed. 
  • Fold all bedspreads and blankets and leave at the end of the beds.
  • Make sure the refrigerator temperature is put on the middle setting, not turned on the coldest setting.
  • Do Not put grease or food down the drains in any unit
  • Dispose of any wood or coals properly and remove grill
  • Make sure the temperature of the AC is turned up to 75 and Heat is set at 68.
Damage Fees:     All damage fees are based on the cost of repairing or replacing plus labor. None of Camp Pendleton’s linens are to be taken outside, to the beach or any picnic areas. If sand, grass or any sign of outside use is noted, the customer will be charged a cleaning fee of $35 per item. Lost key cost is $25 per key.
Fishing Policy:
Personnel wishing to fish on SMR are required to have a valid Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries License for Fresh and/or Salt Water fishing and a SMR fishing card. The SMR fishing card can be obtained from the SMR Billeting Office located in building 13 on Headquarters Road.
All installation fishing signs and fishing boundaries must be obeyed. Violators may have their fishing cards revoked and/or be required to leave the installation. Anyone found fishing without permission may be required to leave the installation.  If individual is asked to leave the installation and is staying in a cottage or trailer no refunds will be issued.
Small boats less than 17 feet are authorized, electric motors are authorized, gas motors and jet ski’s are not authorized in Lake Christine. Swimming is not allowed in Lake Christine.  Fishing is permitted both in the lake and on the beachfront.  A State license is required to fish.  To fish in the lake the license must be presented to SMR personnel and a Post Permit is issued.  All Virginia Fish and Game regulations apply.  Lake fishing is permitted on the SOUTH bank of the lake from the boathouse pier to the EAST bank around building T-94, and the lake shore behind the range.  No fishing is allowed along Lake Road (with the exception of those who are utilizing cottage T-99).  All personnel will observe and comply with signs noting Restricted Areas.
Additional Information:      
NO SMOKING There is no smoking in any building on Post in accordance with DOD Regulations.
No littering to include cigarette butts.  Police your areas and strive to leave them cleaner than you found them.
Do not move SMR properties from their assigned buildings or rooms.  Property and equipment are assigned to rooms by serial number and are not to be switched.  Furniture will not  be rearrange within a room, building, apartment or cottage.  If furniture is found moved, there will be a moving fee charged to the individual’s card.
There are open training fields, wooded areas, a fresh water lake and a private ocean beachfront.  There will be occasions where certain areas of the Post will be closed for training.  SMR visitors must accommodate any such training accordingly there will be times when occupants will have to use the public beachfront.

Beach Usage
Swimmers do so at their own risk as there are no lifeguards on duty on the SMR beach.  An adult must supervise children at all times please see “Unattended Child/Youth Supervision Curfew Policy”.
Surfing is authorized on SMR Beach from 0530-0800hrs except during pre-coordinated training and live fire events. Please see SMR Surfing Policy for more details.
Keep off the dunes.  Sea oats and endangered species are planted on them.  Offenders are subject to Federal fines.
 All vehicles are prohibited from driving on the beach or dunes area, except SMR patrol vehicles that are clearly marked.  All other vehicles must remain in the beach parking lot.
Food and beverages, except glass containers, are allowed on the beach.  It is mandatory that the beach area be kept clean.  Trash receptacles are provided for that purpose.
The apartments located on SMR may be rented by the day at anytime throughout the year.  Reservations in these VIP quarters for unofficial use are not locked in nor will refunds be given for early checkout in any apartments or the large house. Official use will be given preference over unofficial use.  During periods of annual training or of temporary duty orders, units may request that the apartments be scheduled only for the use of senior command personnel present on post. 
All single soldier buildings are Male Only or Female Only. We Do Not have co-ed buildings.
Single or full/double -size bed, mini frig, flat panel TV, satellite, no private bath
1-bedroom w/ double bed, 1 full bathroom, full kitchen, TV, satellite, outside deck
1-bedroom w/ double bed, 1 full bathroom, full kitchen, TV, satellite, outside deck
1-bedroom w/ double bed, 1 full bathroom, full kitchen, TV, satellite, outside deck
Large 1-bedroom w/ queen bed, 1 full bathroom, full kitchen, TV, satellite, outside deck
 412-Apt A 2 bedrooms, one w/ queen bed, one w/ 2 twins, 1 full bathroom, full kitchen, TV, satellite, handicap ramp  
 414-Apt A 2 bedrooms, one w/ queen, one w/ double,
2 full bathrooms, full kitchen, TV, satellite
(optional 3rd bedroom w/ double bed available) 
 416-Apt A  2 bedrooms, one w/ double bed, one w/ 2 twins,
2 full bathrooms, full kitchen, TV, satellite
                                 RECREATIONAL UNITS
COTTAGE AND TRAILERS                               PHONE: (757) 493-3125
Building # Capacity # of Bedrooms Beds/Style # of Baths Price per Night E4 & below
Per night
Winter discount
Per night
10 3 2Q, 1D, 4T 2 $325.00 $255.00 $200.00
2 1 1Q 1 $74.00 $59.00 closed
4 2 1D, 2T 1 $125.00 $100.00 $60.00
10 5 3D, 1Q, 2T 2 $245.00 $196.00 closed
4 2 1Q, 2T
1 $125.00 $100.00 $60.00
6 3 3D 1 $135.00 $108.00 closed
6 3 3D 1 $135.00 $108.00 closed
6 3 1Q, 1D, 2T 2 $150.00 $120.00 $90.00
6 3 1Q, 1D, 2T 2 $150.00 $120.00 $90.00
6 3 1Q, 1D, 2T
2 $150.00 $120.00 $90.00
6 3 1Q, 1D, 2T 2 $150.00 $120.00 $90.00
6 3 1Q, 1D, 2T 2 $170.00 $136.00 $100.00
4         2 1D, 2T 1 $108.00 $87.00 closed
4         1 2Q 1.5 $125.00 $100.00 $60.00
10         4 5D 2 $245.00 $196.00 $150.00
All units AC, TV w/ DirecTV satellite systems, wireless internet and fully equipped kitchen.
**Bed linens (all sizes) are provided at an additional fee of $4.00 per set**
Winter discounts starting November 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022
**E4 & below rate is for VANG still in uniform**
Contact information:
campplodging@gmail.com (reservations)

SMR Lodging Contact Information

Billeting Office
Billeting Manager: 757-493-3127
Front Desk: 757-493-3126
Main Reservation Line: 757-493-3125
campplodging@gmail.com (reservations)

Billeting Office Hours of Operations
Monday- Sunday 7 am- 3:30 pm
Unless otherwise posted, after hours keys pickup is at the front gate upon request.

GPS Address
1293 South Birdneck Road
Virginia Beach Virginia 

Mailing Address
203 Red Horse Drive
ATTN: Billeting, Bldg 13
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

SMR Lodging Photos

SMR Access

The State Military Reservation (SMR) primary mission is as a training facility. Because of training and ongoing long-term construction projects, we have a limited access policy. The SMR gym, beach and fishing access are only open to the following:
  • Current members, employees and retirees of the Virginia Army National Guard, Virginia Air National Guard, Virginia Defense Force, and Virginia Department of Military Affairs (Government issued ID or proof of status is required)
  • Unit personnel from any component conducting approved training at SMR
  • Guests with valid reservations to stay in SMR Cottages, Trailers, Apartments or Billeting
For SMR Fishing Permits, please contact SMR Operations at 757-493-3121.