Office of the Inspector General – Request Assistance

According to AR 20-1 para 6-1a.
Assistance as an inspector general function. Assistance is the IG function that provides Soldiers, Family members, Army Civilians, retirees, and contract employees the ability to seek help from the IG on matters affecting their health, welfare, and personal readiness. However, anyone may submit a complaint, allegation, or request for information or assistance to any Army IG concerning a matter of Army interest. The IG’s role, as the commander’s representative, is to resolve these issues within the limits of the IG system. Complaints often contain both issues and allegations, but the assistance function focuses IGs on resolving only the issues. By definition, an issue is a complaint, request for information, or request for assistance presented or referred to the IG. These issues do not identify someone by name as the violator of a standard. However, someone identified by name with an impropriety results in an allegation. See chapter 7 for specific policy guidance on how to identify and resolve allegations. All complaints presented to an IG containing either issues or allegations (or both) are termed IGARs. When a complaint contains both issues and allegations, the IG will determine if the issue or allegation is appropriate for IG action and will perform the proper steps depending upon the commander’s decision.”

To submit a request for assistance

Fill out an Army DA 1559 or Air Force AF 102-20181219 and bring with you when you visit with the IG or email it to:

Issues or complaints can also be submitted anonymously. However, you must be sure to include as much information as possible. Issues or complaints submitted anonymously with little to no detailed information make it difficult, and in most cases impossible to work.

If you believe the IG’s response to you is not fair, complete, or in accordance with law and regulation, or if you believe your interests may be jeopardized by visiting the Virginia IG, you may write Chief, National Guard Bureau, Attn: NGB-IG, Suite 11600, 1411 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202-3259.

AR 20-1 Inspector General Activities and Procedures, Chapter 1, Section IV, paragraph 1-11 prohibits any type of disciplinary or adverse action taken against you or any other action that restricts you from filing a complaint, seeking assistance, or cooperating with an Inspector General. However, if you make an untruthful statement or knowingly make false accusations to the Inspector General, you are subject to disciplinary action.


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