Course: 071-11C10 (R)

Course Scope: The course include training on the 60mm Mortar, 81mm Mortar, 120mm Mortar, Map Reading, Land Navigation during Daylight and Limited Visibility, Basic Military Communication, Weapons Training on the M249, M240B, M9/M17 Pistol and Mortar Live Fire. 11C10 MOS-T integrates the Army Learning Model (ALM) supporting Adaptive Soldier Training and Education through practical exercises, reflective discussions and the integration of the performance enhancement components (Goal Setting, Building Confidence, Energy Management, Attention Control and Deliberate/Hasty Imagery), enabling Soldiers to demonstrate proficiency/mastery of individual tasks. Instructors will integrate learner centricity into learning content that enables learners to understand the relevance and perspective of what they are learning and WHY it is important.

Course Outcomes: The Indirect Fire Infantryman will be able to demonstrate with confidence the ability to shoot, move, communicate, survive, and adapt, empowering the Soldier to become a productive member of their first unit of assignment.