NEWS | Nov. 8, 2020

Production Superintendent

192d AMXS

POSITION TITLE: Production Superintendent

GRADE: TSgt/E-6 (promotable) NTE MSgt/E-7 AFSC: 2A375, 2A377, 2W171
LOCATION: Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA
OPENING DATE: 8 Nov 2020 CLOSING DATE: Until filled
Open to all members of the Virginia Air National Guard, or who are eligible to become members of the Virginia Air National Guard in grades TSgt/E-6 (promotable) NTE MSgt/E-7. (NATIONWIDE).
REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Must meet all selection criteria IAW ANGI 36-101 Chapter 5, AFI 36-2905, AFI 48-123.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for the total squadron maintenance program, manages the overall direction of the maintenance effort, and enforces safe maintenance practices. In addition, responsible for identifying, assembling, and managing critical equipment items. Priority is placed on aircraft supporting operational requirements, scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance, and aircraft used for maintenance and/or operations training. Incumbent has maintenance authority on airworthiness of aircraft based on knowledge of aircraft systems and safety of flight concerns. Ensures that a pilot pickup is accomplished for critical parts in order to expedite repairs of Not-Mission-Capable aircraft that receive the highest priority and depends on the critical need for the aircraft and its return to service. May verify Mission Capable (MICAP) requisitions. Participates in establishing the monthly and weekly maintenance plans. Attends the daily maintenance planning meetings for the purpose of incorporating unscheduled maintenance into the weekly and daily maintenance plans. Evaluates workload requirements and makes changes to aircraft utilization schedules as required. Takes prompt and decisive action to make on-the-spot adjustments to maintenance repair priorities necessitated by unscheduled maintenance requirements. Controls and coordinates maintenance activity on the flight line. Monitors aircraft maintenance in progress and evaluates estimated completion time against scheduling and planning requirements. Anticipates problems and directs changes of flight line activities in order to meet mission schedules. May be required to coordinate with supervisors to select workers and assign tasks to be performed. When necessary, initiates action to resolve personnel shortages and coordinates requirements with the Maintenance Operations Center (MOC). Reviews work in progress or upon completion for compliance with policies and procedures. Ensures utilization of proper tools and equipment and adherence to technical data in performance of maintenance. Determines methods necessary to meet mission requirements including authorizing and directing cannibalization on assigned aircraft. Cannibalization actions will be coordinated with the MOC and Supply. Ensures aircraft status is accurately reported in accordance with Air Force instructions, reports, and applicable supplements. Understands, executes, and coordinates specific disaster control duties including the provisions contained Air Force instructions, with regard to movement of aircraft, support equipment, and evacuation of flight line personnel. Maintains a current on-base disaster map with cordon overlay and appropriate checklists for use during disasters or exercises. Performs other duties as assigned.
1. Except for mobilization or other emergency, member accepted for tour will not be subject to permanent change of duty location without his/her consent. Retention in the program will be subject to continued satisfactory performance as determined by the supervisor and/or commander.
2. Individuals selected for AGR tours must meet the Preventative Health Assessment

(PHA)/physical qualifications outlined in AFI 48-123, Medical Examination and Standards. They must also be current in all Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) requirements to include immunizations. RCPHA/PHA and dental must be conducted not more than 12 months prior to entry on AGR duty and an HIV test must be completed not more than six months prior to the start date of the AGR tour. 3. IAW ANGI 36-101, para 5.5. AGR Airmen are subject to the provisions of ANGI 10-248, Air National Guard (ANG) Fitness Program until superseded by AFI 36-2905, Fitness Program. Airmen must meet the minimum requirements for each fitness component in addition to scoring an overall composite of 75 or higher for entry into the AGR program. For members with a documented DLC which prohibits them from performing one or more components of the Fitness Assessment, an overall "Pass" rating is required.
4. Existing ANG promotion policies apply and grade ceilings established by ANGI 36-101.
5. At the option of supervisor/nominating official, applicants are subject to personal interview upon notification of time and place. Necessary travel is at applicant’s expense.
6. Airmen who voluntarily resigned from the AGR Program in lieu of adverse personnel actions, or who have been involuntarily separated from the AGR Program are not eligible to reenter the program.
7. All notifications of selection are conditional until verification of security clearance, medical clearance and HRO approval.
8. Position is contingent on NGB funding.
9. F-22 maintenance experience preferred.

Interested applicants must submit the following documents in ONE SINGLE PDF package (you can use the adobe portfolio function)
1. Completed NGB Form 34-1, Application for Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Position
2. Current Report of Individual Personnel (RIP)/Records Review, dated within last 30 days
3. Current Individual Fitness Report from the Fitness Management System
4. Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) Report (AF Portal)
5. AF Form 422 Notification of Member’s Medical Qualification Status and AF 469 Duty Limiting Condition Report (if currently on restrictions)
6. Current Point Credit Accounting Report System (PCARS); if Active Duty submit the equivalent form of an AF 1613 or Statement of Service
7. Branch equivalent documents authorized
EEO POLICY STATEMENT: Consideration for this position will be without regard to sex, age, handicap (except where required by military regulations), race, color, national origin, religion, lawful political affiliation or membership/non-membership in an employee organization.
Submit applications directly to 192 SS/FSF-HR, 165 Sweeney Blvd, Suite 206, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia 23665 or by email:;;;
POC FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: MSgt Nichelle Hackney at, and CW4 D’Juana Goodwin at