NEWS | April 28, 2021

Marketing and Education NCO

Recruiting and Retention Battalion

POSITION TITLE: Marketing and Education NCO
MOS: 79T
LOCATION: Fort Pickett, Blackstone, VA
UNIT: Recruiting and Retention Battalion
OPENING DATE: 28 April 2021
CLOSING DATE: 28 May 2021

WHO MAY APPLY: Open to all AGR/Military Technician/Traditional/Air Guard or Active Duty Soldiers in the grades of E-6/SSG through E-7/SFC who are members of any Army National Guard or able to become members of the Virginia Army National Guard.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Must meet all selection criteria IAW AR 40-501, AR 135-18, AR 600-8-2, AR 600-8-22, AR 600-9, AR 600-60, NGR 500-3, NGR 600-5, NGR 600-10, NGR 600-200, and NGR 601-1.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Marketing and Education NCO supports the three tenets of Strength Maintenance (SM). They directly affect the image of the ARNG, and the efforts of RRNCOs, OSMs, ROTC personnel, Retention NCOs and others responsible with maintaining and improving personnel readiness within the ARNG. Responsible for developing and implementing state marketing and advertising plans and strat-egies to support Recruiting and Retention Battalion (RRB) personnel. Adhere to all state and national guidelines when allocating funds for all Marketing & Advertising. Conduct state and local level market analysis as a basis for development of marketing strategies, utilizing nation-ally supplied and locally obtained census reports and demographic data. Conduct state and unit level analysis, utilizing AUVS and FAZR, to understand unit personnel requirements, MOS vacancies, and force structure shortcomings throughout the state. Create and maintain a state media plan that promotes service in the ARNG and supports those responsible for sustaining ARNG personnel readiness. Coordinate marketing and advertising plans and efforts with state and organizational Public Affairs and command information programs. Recommend expenditure thru chain of command in order to facilitate effective planning and management of the state marketing and advertising program. Place paid and unpaid advertising and public awareness materials in media that supports the state’s specific requirements. Plan, develop, and coordinate the production of state and local literature and brochures, posters, audio and/or visual materials, in accordance with the current advertising campaign and ARNG Graphic Standards Manual. Develop and obtain promotional item for RRB personnel, in support of the state and national advertising campaign. Advise and train RRB personnel in the development and preparation of news releases that publicize new enlistments, unit events, promotions, and IET completions, in accordance with state and national Public Affairs guidance. Evaluate and measure the effectiveness and return on investment of state marketing and advertising efforts and materials. Evaluate local usefulness of state marketing and advertising efforts by consulting with members of the RRB. Provide evaluation and feedback, through the MAC, for modification or improvement of nationally produced marketing advertising and initiatives. Develop recommendations and proposals for new national initiatives, submitting them through the MAC to the ARNGGSS-A. Use the appropriate automated accessions application to distribute all priority one leads to the Enlisted Strength Maintenance Company(s). Attend conferences and seminars and provide advertising support to national and state RRB events as required. May perform additional duties as assigned.

• Recruiting and Retention NCO (Army National Guard of the United States/ Recruiter and Retention NCO) (79T) must possess the following qualifications:
(1) A physical demands rating of Moderate (Gold).
(2) A physical profile of 122221
(3) Must possess manual dexterity in both hands.
(4) Qualifying scores.
(a) A minimum general technical score of 110 in aptitude area GT on Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests (waivable to GT score of 100 or GT score of 95 with a skilled-technical (ST) score of 95).
• Applicant must be 79T qualified and earned the Strength Maintenance Expert Badge.
• The candidate must have completed Positions of Significant Trust Authority (POSTA) screening.
• The start date is contingent on availability of funding from NGB.
• Incomplete applications submitted for this vacancy announcement will not be considered. Applicants are responsible for maintaining current information on their application. Failure to provide current information may result in non-referral for consideration.

Note: In regards to ALL current and future AGR Vacancy Announcements open to E6/SSG and above, the following applies:
  • For entry into the AGR Program, E6/SSG or above must possess the required grade and MOS level authorized for the AGR duty position. This may require the Soldier to be Administratively Reduced to attend MOS school prior to entry into the program.
  • For Soldiers already in the AGR program, E6/SSG or above who do not possess the required MOS, must become MOS qualified within 12 months of the start date.
Interested applicants must submit the following documents
1. Completed NGB Form 34-1 (signed and dated).
2. Copies of last five consecutive NCOERs and all DA Form 1059s.
3. Current Certified or Validated copy of Officer Record Brief (ERB).
4. Current Medical Protection System Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) Record accessible through AKO, dated within the last 12 months to be valid.
5. Last 3 years of DTMS APFT history or DA Form 705 cards and DTMS HT/WT history printout or DA Form 5500/5501 (include all DA Forms 3349 if applicable).
6. Completed DD 369 (Police Record Check).
7. HRR Form 600 Recruiting and Training Cadre Suitability Questionnaire.
8. Documentation to support all periods of duty/service creditable for retirement. Any of the following may be used DD Form 214, DA Form 1506 or NGB Forms 23A/23B.
9. Any additional information the applicant may wish to submit for consideration (i.e., Letters of Recommendation, awards, certificates, degrees, etc.).

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: The Virginia National Guard is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Selection for these positions will be made without discrimination for any non-merit reason(s) such as age, gender, ethnic origin, race, religion, political affiliation, marital status, handicap or non-disqualifying disability. Pre-selection is not only counter-productive to effective recruitment and placement, but also violates Virginia National Guard Placement principles and will not be tolerated.

SECURITY CLEARANCE: Position requires a “SECRET” security clearance. Must be able to obtain as a minimum, an “interim” clearance prior to appointment to the position. Soldiers with a prior revoked or denied clearance are not eligible for either an interim or a waiver and should not apply. If tentatively selected for a position and soldier cannot be granted an interim clearance prior to appointment to the position, the offer for the position maybe revoked, Non USA citizens are not eligible for a security clearance per DOD 5200.2R.

Submit applications to this HQ, ATTN: Virginia Army National Guard, JFHQ-VA HRO, PRN: 210, 8000 Jefferson Davis HWY, BLDG 430, Richmond, Virginia 23297, NLT 1630 on the closing date of this announcement. Do not submit application packets in notebooks, folders, document protectors, staples or with any other form of binding. Scanned email or faxed applications will not be accepted. POC FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: CW4 Djuana L. Goodwin who can be reached at (804) 236-7823 or