NEWS | Feb. 11, 2022


2nd BN (TC) 183rd Regiment (RTI)

1. This traditional announcement is for the position of Staff Sergeant.
a. Projected fill date: Packets will be accepted until the closing date of 30 September 2022. Qualified applicants will be interviewed and placed on an Order of
Merit Listing (OML). Vacancies will be filled as they become available.
b. Unit where vacancy exists: 2D BN (TC) 183rd Regiment (RTI), Fort Pickett, Blackstone, Virginia 23824
c. Position Title: Instructor
d. Position MOS, Para/line: 88M38, 004A / 10
e. Who May Apply: Open to Traditional Soldiers in the grade of E5/SGT or E6/SSG who are members of the Virginia Army National Guard and/or eligible to become members of the Virginia Army National Guard.
(1) Soldiers holding the rank of SGT / E5 must be on the current promotion list. Additionally, must be a graduate of Advanced Leader Course, DLC 2, and complete training requirements for SQI “8” prior to promotion.
f. Eligibility Criteria:
(1) Applicants must meet the following criteria:
(a) Staff Sergeants if applying by way of In-service Recruit, Interstate transfer or Prior Service, are not required to be on current promotion list. ALC completion is required.
(b) 88M One Station Unit Training (OSUT) graduate preferred but not required.
(c) Be a high school graduate or possess the GED equivalent
(d) Have no personal habits or character traits that are questionable from a security standpoint, such as a financial irresponsibility, unusual foreign holding or Interest, heavy drinking, drug abuse, gambling, emotional instability, no courts martial, no requirement to register as a sexual offender (AR 27-10) and so forth. In regards to Alcohol and drug abuse, this restriction does not apply to soldiers declared rehabilitation successes under the ASAP. No accession will be made for soldiers with two convictions of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in a career.
(e) Possess mature judgment and initiative.
(f) Have 3 years’ time remaining in-service upon arrival at assignment
(g) Have a current secret security clearance consistent with that required to attend the requisite instructor course.
(h) Meet minimum reading grade level and language grade level required for attendance to the requisite instructor course.
(i) Display good military bearing.
(j) Meet the body composition requirements in AR 600-9.
(k) Be able to pass the APFT/Current DA 705 with history of passing.
(l) Be fully qualified in the MOS for which instructor duty is desired and have at least 1 year of experience in that MOS. Be a graduate of the course of instruction.
(m) Have recently held at least 1 year leadership assignment.
(n) Have demonstrated ability to be an instructor.
(o) Have no speech impediment.
(2) For Traditional Soldiers this will be a broadening assignment. Assignment will be for a maximum of 48 months. At the end of this assignment Soldiers will be prioritized back to MTOE positions.

2. Interested applicants must submit the following documents:
a. Memorandum requesting consideration from the Soldier.
b. Last 3 years of RCAS or DTMS APFT history or DA Form 705 cards and RCAS or DTMS HT/WT history printout or HT/WT statement (include all DA Forms 3349 if applicable).
c. MEDPROS printout indicating Periodic Health Assessment is current.
d. Copies of last five consecutive NCOERs and all DA Form 1059s.
e. Verification of Secret Security Clearance from the VaARNG State Security Manager.
f. Current Certified or Validated copy ERB/SRB.
g. Any additional information the applicant may wish to submit for consideration (i.e., Letters of Recommendation, awards, certificates, degrees, etc.).

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: The Virginia National Guard is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Se-lection for these positions will be made without discrimination for any nonmerit
reason(s) such as age, gender, ethnic origin, race, religion, political affiliation, marital status, handicap or disability.

3. Submit applications using the one of the following methods:
a. Mail - ATTN: Chief Instructor, 2-183D RTI, 2100 East Parade Ave, Fort Pickett, Blackstone, VA 23824
b. Email - emailed packets will be accepted as one document and sent to