NEWS | April 22, 2022

Company Commander

329th RSG

1. Traditional officer vacancy for the position of Company Commander.
a. Projected Fill Date: On or about 01 July 2022
b. Unit Where Vacancy Exists: HHC 329th RSG
c. Female Assignment Eligibility: Yes
d. Position Area of Concentration: (AOC): 01A (All MOS’s eligible to apply)
e. Eligibility Criteria:
(1) Applicant must meet one of the following criteria:
(a) Hold the rank of Captain/O3
(b) Hold the rank of First Lieutenant/O2 and is eligible for promotion to Captain/O3.

2. How to apply: Submit the documents listed below no later than 21 May 2022 Submit all
packets digitally.
a. Memorandum requesting consideration from the Officer.
b. IPPS-A Screenshot of current APFT after 1 October 2019.
c. Height/weight certificate (DA 5500/5501) within 60 days of submission.
d. Individual Medical Readiness (MEDPROS) Print Out
e. Last three Officer Evaluation Reports (DA 67-10-1 / DA 1059).
f. Verification of security clearance from the State Security Manager (SSM) or unit S2.
g. Officer Record Brief (ORB), validated after 1 April 2022.
h. Civilian resume/military bio (optional).

3. Applicants are required to be a member of the Virginia Army National Guard. Candidate must submit an interstate Transfer (IST) packet if Officer is assigned to another state. Upon completion of the term, it will be the sourcing responsibility to place the candidate (reassignment IST, IRR, retirement, etc.). Assignment will not exceed 36 months.

4. Point of contact for this advertisement is 329th RSG S1 NCOIC at (540) 851-4134