NEWS | June 23, 2022

First Sergeant

143rd CWC, 123rd CPB

1. This vacancy announcement is for the position of First Sergeant.
a. Projected fill date: On or about 1 August 2022
b. Unit where vacancy exists: 143rd CWC, 123rd CPB, Fort Belvoir, VA (W97VAA)
c. Position MOS, Para/line: 00F5M (MOS Immaterial), 300/03
d. Eligibility Criteria:
(1) Applications must meet one of the following criteria:
(a) M-day Soldiers holding the rank of Master Sergeant/E8
(b) M-day Soldiers holding the rank of SFC/E7 and meet TIG/TIS eligibility requirements for promotion to E8 and be on the current promotion list. Must be a graduate of Senior Leaders Course and SSD level 4. Additionally, any E7 selected must complete MLC prior to promotion.
(c) AGR Master Sergeants in the VaARNG currently assigned in E8 positions within the JFHQ, TDA unit or higher headquarters in the chain of command
are eligible to apply. AGR Master Sergeants, if selected, will have to obtain a TAG approved Command Leadership Waiver before being assigned to the position. Per
NGR 600-5 para 4-6d(3), AGR E7’s are not eligible for promotion through the CLASP program. Any AGR application must also include a signed memo of
understanding from the full-time OIC.
(d) Technicians who meet eligibility requirements may apply, but will require a Command Leadership Waiver if selected.
(2) Must have a minimum of a Secret Security Clearance and eligible to obtain
Top Secret Security Clearance with SCI and polygraph.
(3) Be a member or eligible to become a member of the Virginia Army National Guard.

2. How to apply: Interested candidates must submit the documents listed below no later than 1 July 2022 to The Adjutant General, ATTN: NGVA-PEO-EP (Enlisted
Promotions Manager), Building 316, Fort Pickett, Blackstone, Virginia 23824-6316. (Packets may be emailed to the POC)
a. Memorandum requesting consideration and reason why Soldier wants to be the 144TH CWC First Sergeant
b. APFT results for the last three years (DA Form 705 or DTMS print out).
c. Height/weight certificate (within the last thirty days) from immediate commander. DA Form 5500-R/5501-R (Body Fat worksheet) within 30 days (if required).
d. Current MEDPROS printout reflecting Medical Readiness Condition.
e. Last five DA Forms 2166-8/2166-9-3 (NCOERs).
f. Security Clearance verification from the VaARNG State Security Manager.
g. A validated copy of the Soldier’s ERB/ SRB.
h. Most recent DA 1059 indicating highest military education completed.
i. Letter of recommendation from chain of command. (Optional)

3. Point of contact is (434) 298-6380