NEWS | July 25, 2022

Inspector General NCO

Headquarters & Support Company (HSC) 29TH Infantry Division (Fort Belvoir, VA)

This vacancy announcement is for the positions of Inspector General NCO, Sergeant First Class (SFC)/ E- 7 vacant positions.
a. Projected fill date: On or about 1 OCT 2022
b. Unit where vacancy exists: Headquarters & Support Company (HSC) 29TH Infantry Division (Fort Belvoir, VA).
c. Female assignment eligibility: Yes
d. Position Military Occupational Speciality: 00D4B
e. Eligibility Criteria:
(1) Applicants must meet one of the following criteria:
(a) Hold the rank of SFC/ E7.
(b) Be on the current SFC EPS list.
(c) Hold the grade of E6 with at least 36 months Time-in-Grade (TIG) and 9 Years Time-In-Service (TIS)* and must have at least 3 years Remaining Service Obligation (RSO) on the effective date of his/ her promotion.
(2) Selected applicant must submit a nomination packet in accordance with AR 20-1, Inspector General Activities and Procedures, be approved by the Inspector General of the Army. Upon approval, selected individuals must attend and graduate the U.S. Army Inspector General’s Course within 6 months of selection. The Inspector General’s Course is a 3 weeks resident course and is conducted at Fort Belvoir, VA.
(3) Additional Position Requirements:
(a) High School Graduate or GED equivalency.
(b) 36 months of enslisted service time or become eligible to extend or re-enlist (National Guard Regulation (NGR) 600-200, Enlisted Personnel Management).
(c) Citizen of the United States (Birth or Naturalization).
(d) No record of Punlishment under Uniform Code Military Justice (UCMJ) Article 15, or conviction by court martial, or time lost during current enlistment.
(e) No record of civil convictions.
(f) Meet body fat composition requirement in accordance with (IAW) Army Regulation (AR) 600-9, Army Body Composition.
(g) Have an “A” or “B” profile code and a Profile Serial “1” under “S” (Psychiatric) of the physical profile.
(h) Have a minimum “Secret” security clearance.
(i) Be diplomatic and courteous. Display good militay bearing and neatness. Have excellent character, good moral background and emotional stability.
(j) Have a broad operational background with varying assignments and the potential for assignment to position with greater responsibility.
(k) Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
(l) Letter of recommendation from the applicant’s Battalion Command Sergeant Major (CSM) and Major Subordinate Command CSM.
f. Promotion: Selected Soldier(s) not currently in the grade of E7 will be eligible for promotion to SFC if they meet all applicable promotion criteria.
g. Position is open to all Traditional/ M-Day Soldiers ONLY. Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers are NOT eligible to apply. IAW AR 20-1 para 2.2.d.4, military
technicians are not eligible to apply for these vacancies.

2. How to apply: Interested candidates must submit the documents listed below no later than 18 AUG 2022 to the Headquarters 29TH Infantry Division ATTN: SGM Laronda Williams, 9810 Flagler Rd, Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060
a. Memorandum requesting consideration.
b. Current DA Photo.
c. APFT results for the last three (3) years (DA Form 705).
d. Height/Weight certificate (within 30 days) from immediate commander.
e. MEDPROS printout indicating Periodic Health Assessment is current.
f. Last five DA Form 2166-8 or DA Form 2166-8-2 (NCOERs).
g. Verification of Secret Security Clearance (JPAS Person Summary), or Personnel
Security Investigation Request (SF 86) for Interim Security Clearance determination by SSM*.
h. A copy of applicant’s Enlisted Record Brief (ERB)
* Soldiers that are determined by the SSM (Site Security Manager) to be ineligible for an “Interim” Security Clearance will not be considered for this Inspector General NCO

3. Point of contact is (703-805-4846)