Virginia National Guard Counterdrug Task Force

Mission: The Virginia National Guard Counterdrug Task Force provides military-unique skills to state Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) and Community Based Organizations (CBO) in the prevention, detection, interdiction, disruption, dismantling, and curtailment of drug trafficking activities in order to reduce drug and criminal activity within our state and local communities.

Vision: The Virginia National Guard Counterdrug Task Force provides professional and customer-oriented support to our LEA and CBO partners while increasing the readiness of our assigned Soldiers and Airmen through deliberate personnel placement.

Priorities of Support:

  1. Provide support to agencies that serve a state law enforcement purpose and investigate large drug trafficking organizations (DTOs), consolidated priority targets (CPOTs), Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) or money laundering investigations with a counterdrug nexus.
  2. Provide training and support to CBOs to promote community-led efforts to develop and execute drug demand reduction strategies.
  3. Target, deny, disrupt, or degrade national security threats enabled by illicit drug trafficking and other forms of transnational organized crime (TOC). Such threats include:
    1. The trafficking of money.
    2. Human trafficking.
    3. Illicit financial flows.
    4. Illegal trade in weapons, natural resources, and wildlife.
    5. Other forms of illegal trafficking or trade as determined by the Secretary of Defense (SecDef).

If you are a law enforcement agency or community based organization focused on substance abuse prevention, and you would like to request support from the Counterdrug Task Force, please contact us at

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