EEO- Diversity and Inclusion

2024 Cultural Observances and Awareness Events 
Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday 15 January 2024 Public Law 98-144
National African American/Black History Month 1-29 February 2024 Public Law 99-244
Women’s History Month 1-31 March 2024 Public Law 100-9
Holocaust Remembrance Day
Days of Remembrance
6 May 2024
5 – 12 May 2024
Public Law 96-388
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 1-31 May 2024 Title 36, U.S. Code, Section 102
Pride Month 1 – 30 June 2024 Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (USD P&R) Directive
Juneteenth 19 June 2024 Public Law 117-17
Women’s Equality Day 26 August 2024 Public Law 93-105
National Hispanic Heritage Month 15 September-
15 October 2024
Title 36, U.S. Code, Section 126
National Disability Employment Awareness Month 1-31 October 2024 Title 36, U.S. Code, Section 121
National American Indian Heritage Month 1-30 November 2024 Public Law 103-462


Affinity Groups

The federal government encourages individualism in its workforce and offers several employee organizations to help strengthen and support its diversity. Our talented workforce reflects and champions all of our strengths and diversity – personal, professional, and educational.

Why join one of these affinity groups? By joining one (or more) of these groups you will find colleagues from other states and agencies that share common interests. You will likely receive curated content (newsletters, magazines, social media posts) relevant to the mission of the group.

Many affinity groups provide professional development opportunities that will help you with your career or home life. Others may engage in advocacy that aligns with both the mission of the organization and your interests. There may also be an opportunity to take on a leadership role within the group.

Below are a few federal employee affinity groups;