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NEWS | Oct. 19, 2020

VNG looking for new warrant officers

By Mr. Mike Vrabel

RICHMOND, Va. — The Warrant Officer Strength Managers for the Virginia Army National Guard is inviting all individuals who would like to know more on how to become a warrant officer to a conference call that will be held on the last Wednesday of every month at 0900 and 1600 (next one is 28 October), regardless of rank or time in service. 

If any of the following applies, please call in during one of the conference times:

- You are a junior Enlisted soldier who would like a customized career plan on how to become a Warrant Officer in the future
- A junior NCO who would like to have a greater impact for the organization
- A senior NCO looking for career longevity and to apply their years of skills and knowledge in a greater capacity
- You would like to fly Blackhawk helicopters
- You are an O-grade officer wanting to change their career path

Right now there are multiple warrant officer vacancies across the state for the VAARNG, with most eligible for a $20,000 bonus. Civilian experience can also qualify you in becoming a warrant officer in areas such as construction, IT, Cyber, maintenance, supply, etc. 

The conference call details are below:

Date: Last Wednesday of every month (28 October)
Time: 0900 and 1600
Conference Phone #: 1-701-802-5496
Access Code: 6629738

Once you call in we ask that you please place your phone on mute to avoid any background noise disrupting the call.

If for any reason you are unable to attend one of the conference times and want to know more or have any questions, please call either WOSM for the VAARNG listed below:

CW4 Wayne S. Sexton                                                                            
Office Phone: 1-434-292-2488
Cell Phone: 1-540-810-4044

CW2 Shawn H. Crookshanks
Office Phone: 1-540-851-4119 
Cell Phone: 1-540-649-2464



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