Category: 34th Civil Support Team

34th CST tackles maritime operations in Maine
September 1, 2022

34th CST hosts regional, national partners for joint training exercise  
May 13, 2022

34th CST, Counterdrug TF conduct joint training exercise
March 8, 2022

34th CST trained, ready following formal evaluation
December 14, 2021

VNG Soldier finds success through resilience
November 29, 2021

34th CST trains at FIG on chemical, biological hazards
August 24, 2021

34th CST conducts drug hazard training in Manassas
July 13, 2021

34th CST conducts training with federal, state and local first responders
October 6, 2020

34th CST completes challenging two-day training exercise at SMR
September 3, 2020

34th CST sharpens response skills during exercise in Maryland
July 29, 2020

VNG continues to support state COVID-19 response
May 21, 2020

34th CST trained, ready following evaluation
December 11, 2019

34th CST conducts training to prepare for external evaluation
October 1, 2019

VNG leaders tackle ACFT challenge
April 17, 2019

34th CST trains with VSP, supports Bush funeral
December 6, 2018

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