NEWS | March 1, 2019

Fort Pickett Gym reopens after $1 million renovation

By Mike Vrabel JFHQ Public Affairs

FORT PICKETT, Va. — After months of renovations, the Fort Pickett Gym is back open again.

The gym reopened its doors to eligible service members, families and service and state employees Feb. 22, 2019. A grand reopening celebration is being planned for mid to late March.

Patrons of the facility will find that all of the fitness center’s exercise equipment has been replaced with upgrades.

“All of the Nautilus, cardio and free weight equipment has been replaced with new equipment of cutting edge technology,” said Lt. Col. Paul Gravely, Maneuver Training Center Fort Pickett commander. “The old equipment has been pieced out to individual units across the Virginia National Guard to increase readiness across our forces.”

In addition to the new exercise equipment, the gym got a facelift with a new roof and a refinished floor, as well as an overhaul of locker room and shower facilities. In all, the facility received about $1 million worth of upgrades, paid for by proceeds from recycling.

Gravely said the upgrades aren’t just cosmetic, but play a vital role in the Virginia National Guard’s mission.

“The renovations were important to help increase the overall readiness of the Army National Guard,” said Gravely. “Fitness plays an integral part of that readiness. It will also help our Soldiers meet the new requirements of the Army Combat Fitness Test.”

The gym is open Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on  Sunday from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

New rules for gym patrons are posted at the facility, and can be found below.


-The Fitness Center will be entered and exited through designated doors only.

-All Patrons must present a proper ID. Military members and dependents must present a current military ID. Civilian patrons must present a current picture ID prior to utilizing the facility.

-Weight bar collars, foam rollers small kettle bells and light barbells must be checked out.

-Shirts must be worn at all times. BOOTS NOT ALLOWED while playing Basketball or Volleyball.

-No games played over 15 points when other patrons are waiting.

-30 minute limit on exercise machines when other patrons are waiting

-Youth dependents (over the age of 10) are authorized the use of cardio equipment, nautilus equipment, and basketball / volleyball areas with adult supervision. No youth dependents under the age of 16 will be allowed in the free weight areas at any time.

-Towels are required in all workout areas.

-No alcoholic beverages, glass bottles, or food items allowed. PLASTIC BOTTLES W/CLOSABLE LIDS ONLY.

-No hanging on basketball rims.

-Smoking/profanity is prohibited.

-Chewing gum not allowed.

-No personal radios (boom boxes) allowed.

-Wipe all equipment and rack weights after use.


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