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NEWS | June 18, 2018

Governor signs DMV drivers license veteran indicator bill

By Cotton Puryear | Virginia National Guard Public Affairs Office

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam ceremonially signed House Bill 737 June 26, 2018, in Richmond, Virginia, authorizing the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to issue driver’s licenses, permits and identification cards displaying an indicator signifying that the holder is a veteran. Applicants must provide proof of veteran status. Delegate John J. McGuire introduced the bill, and it passed both houses of the General Assembly unanimously during the 2918 session.

Read the full text of the bill:

More information on the DMV web site:

Frequently Asked Questions (Courtesy of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles)

What is a veteran indicator?
Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces have the option of adding a veteran indicator to their driver’s license or ID card. Having the word “veteran” appear on your driver’s license or ID card is a convenient way to show your veteran status at retailers and restaurants that offer discounts to veterans. This option is offered by DMV on behalf of the Department of Veterans Services (DVS).

To be eligible for a veteran indicator, you must:

  • Be a Virginia resident
  • Apply for or currently hold an unexpired Virginia commercial driver’s license, driver’s license, learner’s permit or DMV-issued ID card
  • Have served either (1) in the active U. S. Armed Forces or (2) for more than 180 days in the Virginia National Guard or U. S. Reserves
  • Have received an honorable discharge
  • Present a photocopy of a veteran service proof document or combination of documents that provide branch of service, discharge date and discharge status (eg. DD 214, DD 256, WD AGO, or NGB 22)
  • Consent for the information on your application and any subsequent address changes you make to be shared with DVS.

What military discharge status is acceptable to qualify for the veteran indicator?
You must have received an honorable or general discharge status in order to qualify for the veteran indicator.

If I am eligible, how do I apply for a veteran indicator?
You may apply for a veteran indicator online, by mail, by fax, or in person at a DMV customer service center.
If you apply online, you must submit the required veteran status proof document(s) to DMV within 45 days of submitting your online application. These documents can be submitted to DMV online, by mail, fax or in person at a DMV customer service center.

If you apply by mail, by fax, or in person, you will need to complete a Virginia Veterans Military Certification Application (form DL-11), provide a copy of your veteran service proof document(s).

Driver Support Work Center, Room 419
P. O. Box 27412
Richmond, VA 23269-0001
Fax: (804) 367-1112
Visit: A DMV customer service center

Once DMV receives your application and the veteran status proof document, DMV will process and mail the driver’s license or ID card with the veteran indicator to you. When applying for the veteran indicator, you must ensure that DMV has your current address on file.

Can I submit my veteran status proof document electronically?
Yes. You have the option to submit your veteran status proof document electronically during the online renewal or replacement application process. Documents can be submitted electronically at

How long will it take to receive my driver’s license or ID card with the veteran indicator?
Once DMV receives and approves the required veteran status proof documents, you should receive your credential with the veteran indicator by U.S. mail within 7 to 10 days. When applying in person, you will receive a temporary driving permit (TDP) or confirmation receipt displaying all of the information that will appear on your credential including the veteran indicator. While waiting to receive your credential by mail, you will be able to use the TDP or receipt to show veteran status.

What is the fee for a veteran indicator?
There is no fee for the veteran indicator. However, you must pay the standard fee for an original or replacement credential which will display the veteran indicator.

What happens if I lose my driver’s license or ID card?
DMV can reissue a duplicate replacement credential for the same fee of the credential that you are requesting to be replaced. You can request a replacement online or in person at a DMV customer service center. You will not need to present your veteran status proof document as long as your DMV record shows that you previously held a veteran ID card or a veteran indicator.

I already have a Veteran ID card from DMV. Is it still valid?
Yes. The General Assembly passed a law authorizing DMV to issue driver’s licenses and ID cards with the veteran indicator. If you already have a veteran ID card, it is still valid and never expires. DMV will no longer be issuing veteran ID cards. You still have the option of adding the veteran indicator to your driver’s license or ID card.

I do not have a copy of my veteran status proof document (DD214 or other document). How can I get a copy?
To obtain a replacement veteran status proof document (or if you were never issued a veteran status proof document), you may access the federal website for information, or contact DVS at (804) 786-0286 for assistance. For a list of DVS offices, including addresses and contact information, visit or

If I do not want DMV to share my information with DVS, can DMV still issue the veteran indicator?
No. To obtain a driver’s license or ID card with a veteran indicator, you must agree to DMV sharing your information with DVS.

Why is DMV sharing information about veteran indicator cardholders with the DVS?
The DVS uses the veteran indicator data for customers to establish a record for veterans not in the DVS database and correspond with veterans about DVS services.

What retail businesses offer discounts for veterans?
For information on resources available to Virginia veterans, review the Virginia Veterans Resource Guide developed by DVS or visit its website at

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