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NEWS | March 10, 2022

Course provides training, resources for company-level XOs

By Cotton Puryear | Virginia National Guard Public Affairs Office

The Virginia Army National Guard G4 Logistics Directorate conducted their annual Executive Officer Course Feb. 5-6, 2022, at the Frank B. Lotts Conference Center on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia.  The course provided training and resources to company-level executive officers as they prepare to assist their company commanders with training and operations. “There was great participation and the lieutenants got a lot out of the training,” said Lt. Col. Dennis Rohler, the VaARNG G4 logistics officer. “I believe they returned to their units better XOs and better leaders.” Rohler said the course placed an emphasis on relationship building and asked each lieutenant to focus on a few key points from all of the information they received during the training. The executive officer is the “chief of staff” for the unit, Rohler explained. Following the commander’s guidance, this officer runs the company along with the first sergeant to ensure timely and accurate completion of training and tasks. The duties of an executive officer are wide-ranging and typically include overseeing all functions related to supply, maintenance and unit administration. Some lieutenants expressed how training and networking will aid them in their new role. “This course pulls together the various knowledge bases and resources necessary to the support the company from day to day,” said 1st Lt. Natasha Tuff, the XO for Delta Company, 429th Brigade Support Battalion, 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. “In addition, it is a way to meet the Virginia Army National Guard Staff personnel that receive request for support and our fellow leaders in the VNG.” More than 30 first and second lieutenants attended course and received instruction on managing property accountability, maintenance, supply discipline, unit movement and food service, Rohler said. Guest instructors from the G1 Personnel Directorate, G3 Operations Directorate and G8 Financial Management Directorate provided training on unit administration functions, unit training management and budget. Attendees said the knowledge gained during the course will help them in the future. “As the XO at the company level, I play a pivotal role in all daily functions of my organization. But most importantly, I’m still at a level where I can have a direct positive impact on the quality of my Soldier’s experience,” said 1st Lt. Christian Sanabria, the XO for Alpha Company, 429th BSB.

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