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NEWS | May 22, 2024

Fort Barfoot DMA state employees honored at luncheon

By Mike Vrabel | Virginia National Guard Public Affairs

Brig. Gen. Todd H. Hubbard, the Virginia National Guard director of the Joint Staff, and retired Col. Everton E. Nevers, the Virginia Department of Military Affairs Chief Operations Officer, presented recognitions and awards to Fort Barfoot’s DMA state employees during a recognition luncheon May 9, 2024, at Fort Barfoot, Virginia. 

During the luncheon, Hubbard and Nevers presented agency-wide awards, as well as awards for employee service anniversaries. Both spoke at the event, thanking the state workers for their hard work helping make the Virginia National Guard tick. 

“The impact the National Guard has on the international community, is under-appreciated by a lot of citizens,” said Hubbard. “It’s folks like you who really know what we’re doing to support not only the commonwealth, but also the nation. I appreciate what you’re doing. Really, your work every day contributes to both the state national level.”

“I really appreciate everyone being here,” said Nevers. “I’ve been in this job now for about four or five months. I have to tell you, I really am amazed at the professionalism and work ethic and the quality of people here at DMA. I’m seriously impressed with this organization.”

Hubbard mentioned the DMA team’s work in-processing and out-processing VNG troops who were called up for domestic response operations last year, both at the southwest border in Texas and during wildfire emergencies in western Virginia in 2023. 

“Taking care of our Soldiers? That’s something you guys do very well,” said Hubbard. “My hat’s off to you for making sure they are fully prepared before going down range.”

Col. James C. Shaver Jr., the Fort Barfoot garrison commander, also presented his challenge coin to a handful of state employees and thanked them for their support making the installation a success. Hubbard echoed the same sentiment. 

“I want to recognize Fort Barfoot and the staff here at MTC. This is an exceptional training center,” said Hubbard. “We’ve got, arguably, the best training venue on the East Coast. We have so many people who come here, from Marines to Navy, Army Reserves and other State National Guards.  They come to train here. We know they have other choices, but they choose to come to Fort Barfoot. It’s not just because of the facilities, but because of the people that make our facilities the premiere ones on the East Coast. 

“My hat’s off to you, the whole MTC team, for not only how you keep the facility and ranges up to standard, but also how you interact with all the people who come here as customers,” he added. 

The following employees were presented with DMA agency-wide awards:

DMA Agency STAR Award: Daniel Breslin

Workplace Safety & Health Award: Amber Davis

Innovation Award: Franklin Rifkind

Career Achievement Award: Harlow Sullivan

Community Service & Volunteerism Award: John Hines

New Employee Award: Laura Clements

Customer Service Award: Tanisha Roberts

Teamwork Award: State Military Reservation Lodging: Corina Cason, Donald Garcia, Frederick Temple, James Poindexter, Jessica Jaunet, Lloyd Hines, Rieko Luking, Ronald Cason, Russell Gregg and Stephanie Garcia


The following DMA employees were honored for celebrating service anniversaries:

5 YEARS: Charles Davidson, Anna Hoye, Michael Pittman, David Rothrock, Jason Fryer and James Tompkins

10 YEARS: Marty Cogar, Michael Cowan, William Helton, Kermit Jones and Michael Rutledge

15 YEARS: Shannon Carter 

20 YEARS: Angela Poole and Stephanie White

25 YEARS: Tracey Perdue, Mechelle Stone and Carlene Wynn

35 YEARS: Geoffrey Fisher


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