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116th IBCT conducting eXportable Combat Training Capability rotation at Fort Pickett
July 14, 2019

VNG hosts combined arms marksmanship match
July 10, 2019

Fort Pickett celebrates improvements on 77th birthday
July 3, 2019

276th Engineers tackle Fort Pickett improvements during AT
June 26, 2019

Riggers reflect on D-Day heroics 75 years after harrowing operation
June 12, 2019

Virginia DMA honors state employees
May 23, 2019

1710th TC teams with aviators for MEDEVAC exercise
May 22, 2019

183rd RTI graduates 1st female infantry Soldiers
May 21, 2019

Fort Pickett drop zone serves as location for unconventional SHARP training
April 17, 2019

Medics train on new lifelike simulated patient at Fort Pickett
April 15, 2019

VDF conducts communications, security training
March 21, 2019

Online, resident training now available for IPPS-A implementation
March 15, 2019

Fort Pickett Fire and Rescue hosts firefighter instructor course
March 6, 2019

CERFP conducts confirmation exercise with info management system
March 2, 2019

Fort Pickett Gym reopens after $1 million renovation
March 1, 2019

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